that's right! it's a sunset
Butre (WR) - Nov 2011

well is what 5th november. the staff was very accommodating...
we needed SOMETHING to burn.

georg, showing off again


fish with feet. nice that the black rubbish bag is there as a marker, isn't it? he's directly to the left. they hop!

these crabs climb trees.

crab fishing. the nets are in the trees. because naturally that's where the crabs are.

we all took turns, so it's not nice to make fun of adele.

Ada Foah - Oct 2011

Oguaa Fetu Afahye Festival - Sep 2011

UCC Students and Resource Centre
(and Student Dinner)

Accra, A Little Bit At Least
VSO Programme Office - random gathering

oburonis climbing gates, it's just sad.

it's very nice, because passers by will stop and direct
traffic if they see the need.

does this look like porn to you? i was fooled.

Generally around  Cape Coast

the well-rain-rutted road

that's right, keys. not really that exciting,
but they were on my first day.

the flippin coal pot
Lydia, best seamstress ever

Kotukuraba - market - downtown Cape Coast, basically
Kwame, my boss, in the pink shirt, in front of the Main Library
At Solace Spot, where chicken and yam chips are 7.50 Gh, but that's including take-away.
The writing on the wall:
Fellow citizens, it's high time we changed our bad attitude.
Please. Don't litter around.
Let Keep Our Environment Clean. Be conscious of Yourself. Thank You.
God's Time is the Best.

really cute. let's hope kitty is not headed for the coal pot.

this expression is familiar the world over, when a 4 year old is confronted with someone else's candy

So's this one.
Relaxing with laundry


Volta Region

Hans Cottage Botel and Kakum National Park
Jacky's weaver birds
s/he's drugged. like a baby.
unable to take picture with normal facial expression, clearly
but i'm not the only one.
definitely not

well, allison always looks cute

also vaguely questionable, but not for lack of cuteness

later, i told jacky she "just missed" the parrot she was looking for,
and not finding, in this picture. sometimes it's good to be cruel.

George ambles through the trees

not drugged, but probably a bit bloated

rainforests are fab
canopy walk conclusion

Elmina Castle, Elmina

the Governor's view from his apartments, overlooking his slave trade

Meet Me There, sort of near Keta

central region!

for some reason i ended up in the front of the track going and coming.
sharing the stick shift with the driver.

the boys :)

i'm not ready to talk about this yet.

that's kelly, dragging jacky, lua, and esta across the lagoon.
yeah, it's rainy season

Cape Coast School for the Deaf

Departure, Arrival and In-country Training

SKWID Training, Ottawa, Ontario
Me and Sonia and Scott, the Cambodinucks...

me, Jacky and David - on their way to Tanzania

 Dave - Nigeria; Stella - Ethiopia
Julie - Nigeria

Loreen: tour guide, and El Salvador