Care Package FAQs, and Stuff You Want, Too

Ok, I know most of you won't be sending me care packages. Don't worry, my feelings aren't hurt.

If you are, then you are one of my favorite/favourite people ever.

Here's where to send:
Kelly Kincaid
Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired
Main Library
University of Cape Coast
Central Region
Ghana, West Africa*

*If you forget the West Africa bit, all parcels and packages tend to get routed through Guyana. I know, they're practically indistinguishable, so it's really easy to understand how it could happen.

Here's the situation - people in Ghana either keep PO boxes, or, like me, they have cool university addresses that they can abuse.  So far, everything has come through to me just fine. Generally about 10-14 days, start to finish. In Accra, some friends have had issues getting deliveries.  But for most, it turned out that lost parcels and packages were piled in a back room gathering dust. 

I've heard a number of theories on how to guarantee your box will pass smoothly through customs and into the hands of your trusty post office worker, who will hand it over to you for a little fee.

1. The "secondhand" theory - contents are used, and therefore not as interesting. As in, my box contains "secondhand clothes," and a "gently used coffee bean grinder" (yes, my brother in law actually did really do some preemptive grinding, he likes to be authentic).  Just don't mail something in its original packaging.
2. The "important documents" theory - which i think is useless. but try it anyway, who knows.
3. The "don't mark content value over 50 USD" theory.  Even the 50USD is high.  Go low, or if it's that valuable, mail it properly with some kind of tracking number... just so we know where everything is. Roughly.

Ok - as for things YOU want, please email me if you want to make some requests.  And then (haha) you can paypal the money to ship it out.  Just kidding. Sort of.  No worries, I'll get it to you somehow.  

As for me, currently:
-DVDs. I'm a little bored with my current selection, and selection of my other CC volunteer, and she's bored with mine too. We've done some over-watching.
-toothpaste - the Colgate antigingivitis kind (sorry too much information? look. i'm protecting my gums).
-purple eyeliner, because that's how i roll
-a variety of spice mixes. like for masala and curries and ???
-as always, long tank tops.
-a washing machine.

For YOU:
-Fabric: batik (which is gorgeous, in countless varieties and color choices) and kente (which is more pricey, but what everyone wants).  The former makes all our clothes.  We can tailor you an outfit!  Or your favourite child an outfit, depending on weight.  Can i recommend asking for: a dressing gown? an apron? pajama bottoms? And of course kente cloth, which is the traditional woven cloth, which describes who you are and where you're from.
-Wood carvings: of everything, anything. Elephants, antelope, symbols, men, women, men and women, women and children, whatever. And musical instruments. Usual wood for carvings is ebony, but dont expect it to look like your piano keys.
-Art: drawings, paintings, mixed media...
-Jewelry.  Tons of it. Painted beads, wood, recycled glass, bronze...

So let me know! I'll do whatever I can.
Love you!